Illustration: Molly Costello
Illustration: Molly Costello

CLab Learning Journey


We are living radically changing times. We stand in this turbulence, often wondering where to turn. Some of us put our attention into illuminating what is not working or envisioning something new. Others of us work to change ‘the system’, believing that if those in power change, their decisions would shift us to the better. Yet, there are those of us who feel we are doomed and believe this is a natural flow and that we can only make a difference if we put our efforts locally, on a small scale.

We, at the CitizensLab, have also been standing in these times, wondering, searching and asking ourselves what is ours to do. We looked within, took time to do this and we realised that we hold a longer-term goal. We want to work towards seeing ourselves, individually and collectively, and all people of wider Europe, being core and part of collectively caring for the governance of our lives. We call this Democracy as Commons.

As we have come to know that we carry this goal, our first action, is to create a learning journey. A space where we can firstly cultivate ourselves, our own personal transformation so we can co-create commons of democracy that lead to radical changes of governance.

CLab Learning Journey
CLab Learning Journey

We invite others, to journey with us. We invite us to invest in a cycle of collective learning.

CLab Learning Journey Season 1: Our deep cultural frames

Living Systems. Seeing with new lenses of our living system.

How do we view life and what change is possible if we shift our lens and the way we relate to oneself, each other, all life forms?

We’ll be exploring the deep cultural frames the we hold and how they shape how we view, make sense and act in the world. What change is possible if we shift our lens and the way we relate to oneself, each other, all life forms? Leaning from [indigenous wisdom], nature based and regenerative practices, reflecting on the frames we each hold and fusing new connections across our wonderous web of life.

Dates: 14th – 16th – 21st June 2021


Pat McCabe
Ben Haggard – Regenesis

CLab Learning Journey Season 2: Our power dynamics

How do we relate to our own power so we can regenerate it with health, collaborate with others to create collective power?

Dates: 22nd – 24th – 27th September 2021

Lily Vassileiou – Process work
Camille Barton

CLab Learning Journey Season 3: Decolonising self

Our colonised minds and thinking so we decolonise ourselves.
How can we come into relationship with our trauma, integrate ourselves and transform into freedom?

Dates: 1st – 3rd – 7th November 2021


CLab Learning Journey Season 4: Seeding commons

Our action now, the seeds we want to plant in our context.
How am I now going to commit to commoning in my context?

Dates: 2nd – 4th – 7th February 2022


How will we learn?

We will journey with the seasons, allowing the natural rhythm, the pace and relationship we are part of to inspire and imbue us.
We will have four moments of gathering in the year.
Each gathering moment will be made upon three to four 2-hour online sessions.
We invite you to think of joining us for the whole journey.
However, you can also join one or two or three of the gathering moments.

In each season we will have a mix of the full group and smaller group moments – mixing up practical sessions with informal moments to get to know each other.

For each season will convene 4 times:
KNOWLEDGE: 2 knowledge sessions with experts and practitioners. They provide both presentations and open q&a sessions covering the key pillars of the season topic. [live on Zoom]
WISDOM: the 3rd session is about surfacing the reflections, wisdom, and insight from the group, with a musician or sound artist performing live. We’ll do this by using creative and embodiment approaches to deepen our understanding of each topic.[live on Zoom]
PRACTICE: the 4th session is the Community of Practice, we invite the cohort to deep dive and peer explore how you and others are practicing and applying the knowledge and wisdom generated through the learning journey.[live on Zoom]


The Learning Journey is based on a Gift economy [and expanded view of value exchange / values]

Investing time 

The most precious resource you have is your time, investing your time is the most powerful investment you can make.

-Each season requires an investment of 6-8hours / 1 day of time

-The full journey requires 24-32hours / 4 days of investment

Investing money

We know from experience that financial exchange can support us to be accountable to each other and investment/commitment to your learning and development. We’ve found people are more likely commit and get more out if they invest money in these experiences. We want to make this experience open to people from all walks of life, and we recognise that our current system unfairly discrimates and disadvantages people from different backgrounds, so we’re offering a range of contributions depending on your circumstances and finances.

>Investing in collective potential: this allows us to provide bursary places for those who may not be able to afford to join but are able to make the time investment and to invite more contributors, artists and creatives into our journey.

> Full cost – this covers the base cost of running the program

>Pay what you can – for those who are currently out of work or other circumstances will make the full cost challenging.

We invite those who can pay the full cost or investment cost to do so, in order to make this experience available to people from all walks of life and trust you to decide which contribution makes most sense for you.

We have an early bird registration rate until 24th May 2021.

If you would prefer to pay in installments – please get in touch.

Gift economy fees

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